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Presenter Training

Author: eabha

Join us for  Presenter training with Deborah McAndrew Saturday 27th of February in the Clarion Hotel.

Do you fear making presentations or standing up in front your boss and peers to express an idea? When we know the right techniques to apply we can deliver fantastic presentations. With our presenter training Deborah will teach us the key skills needed to make and deliver impactful presentations and become an effective presenter. Deborah McAndrew is the director for Training on the JCI Irish National Executive Council. You can sign up on the eventbrite page: https://jcicorkpresentertraining.eventbrite.ie


Email Beatrice Ehrhart Director of Membership and Training Beatrice@jcicork.ie for more details.


"The organisation has opened so many doors for me, on both a professional and personal level. It is heartwarming to be involved with a group of young people who take charge of change and make the Cork ..."

Mary-Kate Portley, JCI Cork President, 2015

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