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Dave Calnan, JCI Cork Member 2015.


I joined JCI Cork this year and I just started an internship with Instamedia Limited thanks to attending a JCI Cork event!

Instamedia were the company who covered The Outstanding Young People (TOYP) awards and it was at this event that I first met Eoin Derham - well, to be more truthful, I met him at the after-ceremony in one of JCI Cork’s Patrons, Electric Bar, where Eoin was kind enough to offer to buy a few pints for a poor Student. He told me about his company, Instamedia, and about how they were looking to take someone on for the Summer for some marketing and video production. I've just finished first year Commerce in UCC and I have an interest in video production so it's a prefect fit. JCI has provided me with a space to meet new people and develop my professional skills – Thanks JCI!


"The organisation has opened so many doors for me, on both a professional and personal level. It is heartwarming to be involved with a group of young people who take charge of change and make the Cork ..."

Mary-Kate Portley, JCI Cork President, 2015

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