Be Better, Make A Difference
Through Positive Change!


Ivan Farmer, JCI Dublin Local Director, 2015.


JCI provides a number of great opportunities to create positive change, network and even travel. Since joining, I’ve been involved in organising a number of business and training events. Furthermore, JCI offers a network of like-minded active citizens and friends who all maintain the goal of making a positive impact on their communities.

I joined JCI Cork in 2012 and since moving to Dublin, I’ve become very active in the JCI branch there. I think the international and wide-reaching nature of JCI is the most wonderful thing about the organisation. Every branch has a different focus and perspective, and you learn to appreciate others’ ideas and ways of thinking. Also, JCI is closely associated with the United Nations, and forms a strong international focus through forming links with other European and international bodies, such as the EU.

I strongly encourage anyone looking for ways to make a positive difference while learning many invaluable skills to get involved. You won’t regret it!


"The organisation has opened so many doors for me, on both a professional and personal level. It is heartwarming to be involved with a group of young people who take charge of change and make the Cork ..."

Mary-Kate Portley, JCI Cork President, 2015

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