16th April

Productivity Masterclass

Hello and welcome to yet another amazing Monthly event by JCI Cork!


On Saturday, 16th April, 2022 we bring to you a half-day Productivity Workshop where you will learn key skills to increase your productivity all the while ensuring that you do not burn-out and maintain a healthy work-life balance!


Learn from 3 amazing speakers, all at the pinnacle in their respective professions how to hone your mindfulness skills, learn how to procrastinate less and maintain a healthy work-life balance. These essential skills will not only help you become more productive at what you do but also teach you to get out of vicious procrastination-cycle all the while making sure that you do not over-stress yourself!


10:00am Blanca Pagés Hone your Mindfulness Skills
11:00am Jayson Moran Procrastination: Why we Procrastinate & How to do it less?
12:30pm Niamh Brady Become more productive while maintaining a whealthy work-life balance.


Please bring pen, paper and have your mobile phone to hand – and have something you're procrastinating about - you’ll be put to work!

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Date & Time

Saturday, 16 April 2022
10:00 - 13:30 GMT


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