Are you Cork’s Friendliest Business?

The Friendly Business Awards is our flagship business program where we recognise the pivotal role small businesses play in our local community. We live in challenging times for small businesses and the aim of the Friendly Business Awards is to celebrate the value these businesses bring to our local communities every day.

Each summer sees JCI branches across Ireland run the JCI Friendly Business Awards. These awards were set up to recognise businesses that excel in serving the needs of the local community and play a vital role in its development.

There are 6 categories: 

1. Community Impact

2. Customer Care

3. Digital Experience

4. Disability Access

5. Eco-Friendliness

6. Shop Layout/Design

This competition is about recognising the efforts of small businesses.


Proudly sponsored by:

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  • Branches are permitted to exclude a category in the absence of suitable nominees. Assessment is at the discretion of the Local Organisation.
  • Boundary limits may be implemented by Local Organisations for logistical reasons.
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